First Missionary Baptist Church

505 South Wilkes Street
Post Office Box 482 (mail)

Chadbourn, North Carolina  28431


Administrative Team


Rev. Virgil Reaves, Pastor

First Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. is proud to announce that Rev. Virgil Reaves has been elected Pastor of the First Missionary Baptist Church Family.  After an exhaustive search for a pastor that spanned fifteen (15) months, Pastor Reaves was appointed under the annoiting of the Holy Spirit on October 27, 2014. 

As the Pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Reaves will have charge over the welfare of the church.  The pastor at all times should consider himself as a servant of the church.  The pastor will preside at all business meetings except as otherwise provided and have special charge of the pulpit ministry of the church.  The pastor shall minister to the members of the church and community, and he will administer the ordinances.  The pastor is responsible for the spiritual development of all members, and he is responsible for training other ministers and church leaders.  The pastor will be the de facto "Chief Executive Officer" of First Missionary Baptist Church accountable to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


The deacons of the church shall consider themselves at all times as servants of the church, and they have oversight of the discipline of the church.  Deacons shall lead the church in fellowship, witnessing, education, ministry, and application, and they shall support the decisions of the church congregation.  They should minister to the sick, poor, and bereaved; proclaim the gospel to believers and non-believers; and have a good understanding of church ordinances and church covenant.  Deacons should be able to administer the church and pulpit in the absence or sickness of the pastor.  Church deacons are:  Rashad Roberts, Chairman of the Deacon Board; Charles Gore, Roosevelt Lawrence, Thurman Lesane, John McZeak, Darrell Reaves, and Wilfred Rorie. 


The trustees of the church represent the church in all matters of legal responsibilities regarding purchases, improvements, and disposal of church property.  They shall submit an annual budget to the church for approval of all property expenditures, maintain all financial records, be responsible for the upkeep of the buildings and grounds, and supervise all financial programs of the church.  Trustees are:  Fred Williams, Jr., Chairperson of the Trustee Board; Albenny Burney, Janice Evans, Earlene Flowers, Milton Frink, John Mitchell Lawrence, Anita Powell, and Robert White.  

Church Clerk

Pauline Williams is the current church clerk.  She is responsible for preparing and reading all minutes of meetings, reading all communications at meetings and church services, preparing church reports, and keeping an accurate record of all business transactions.  The clerk must identify and record information on new members joining the church and preserve a true history of the church.


Milton Frink is reponsible for the receipt and deposit of funds in banks and dispersing funds by check upon proper authorization as church treasurer.  He must at all times keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements and submit written financial reports to the church on a regular basis.

Administrative Assistant

Bobbie Hamer is responsible for general office duties of the church and maintaining the church office as directed by the Pastor and the trustees.  She is also responsible for preparing checks as authorized, recording and maintaining a record of donations by each contributor, and reporting to the trustees.

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